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“To eat is a need, to enjoy an art“, the French philosopher François de La Rochefoucauld who was a contemporary of the Sun King Ludwig XIV, had said. The art of enjoying the eating would be a further message of Rose Eisen's photos; her EAT PHOTO ART is filling a little bit of the vacuum of our fast moving fast-food-time.

In the photos of Rose Eisen art and eating are changing to a medium to come to an aesthetics of the heart: similar to the well composed still lives of the 17th century the photographer Rose Eisen arranged vine, fruits and vegetables with requisites of the daily life and adds as an “actor“ motifs of the history of art.
Rose Eisen displaced famous icons of the cinema and the traditional painting in the lushness of still lives with fruits and flowers, glasses and decorative cloths, she covered and uncovered with the help of image section, perspective and requisites and encased her ladies with carefully tuned colors and color combinations.
As technical tools Rose Eisen uses a LUMIX digital Bridgecamera, but she forgoes a subsequent picture editing via computer: virtually her photos are developing on the spot so that color and light don't lose anything from its original briskness and poetry. The colors, sturdy, sensual and saturated, with brightness or a subtly nuanced reservation are reflecting – to cite Picasso – the light in the heart of the artist.

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